The Project: CombiDiag Doctoral network meets the urgent need to evaluate the multimodal peripheral markers, their combinatorial use for diagnosis of early Alzheimer Disease and a potential disease modifying treatment. A combinatorial diagnostic protocol has the potential to offer a critical tool for accurate screening and identifying patients at the earliest stages of AD before the onset of irreversible injury and associated symptoms. CombiDiag aims to develop disease modifying interventions and anti-amyloid treatment within the health care systems. 

The Challenge: Dementia, a devastating disease of older age, is the challenge of our lifetime and one of the Societal Challenges listed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The CombiDiag network responds to this challenge by developing an AI-data-driven peripheral biomarker based combinatorial diagnostic protocol for early stages of Alzheimers disease (AD), a major form of dementia. 

Funding: This project has received funding from the European Union's HORIZON - MSCA Doctoral Networks 2021 programme under grant agreement No 101071485.