CombiDiag brings together leading academic and industrial experts across Europe and worldwide and uses their synergies to build an interdisciplinary, intersectoral and international triple-i research and training platform for the training of a new generation of scientists to take the peripheral biomarker based early AD diagnostic research to a new level. 

Local Training Courses

CombiDiag Fellows are encouraged to attend the relevant local PhD training courses at partner institutions and aquire skills such as, how to write and present scientific papers, research proposal, technique reports and PhD thesis; how to write patents and handle IPR issues, technology transfer and enterprise; general IT skills, reference management, time management and teamwork. 

Research Training

Specific training programmes are tailored for each individual Fellow based on the nature of the research project and personal experience. 
They are accompanied by regular supervisory meetings, research skill trainings, personal mentoring and a personalized career development plan based on the  Vitae RDF.

Network Training

The network level training events focus on joint activities with shared resources and learning, including regular webinars, residential workshops, an autumn school, research symposiums and international conferences.